Press Release: PHE Microbiology – Notification of Contract Award

AB Molecular’s bid for Lot 1 of the Public Health England National Microbiology Framework Agreement has been successful!

  • Providing access to a range of in-vitro diagnostic medical devices and associated services including equipment, consumables, maintenance, and peripheral equipment and associated services
  • Diagnostics platforms in scope included multiplex PCR instruments such as the GenMark ePlex® systems for laboratory automation, rapid pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Laboratory consumables for use during the analytical phase of laboratory testing including Third Party Quality Control material

UK – MAY 21st  2021

Framework Agreement for Microbiology:
Lot 1 – Diagnostics Goods and Services – Call for competition: 2020/S 217-533940

Contract Award

Further to the notification of our award letter, in which AB Molecular was advised that Public Health England was observing a standstill in accordance with the requirements of regulation 87 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, Public Health England (“PHE”) formally accepted our contractual offer for Lot 1 – Diagnostic Goods and Services of the new National Microbiology Framework Agreement.

Public Health England received a mandate from the Cabinet Office to create a new National Microbiology Framework that would enable all diagnostic suppliers, regardless of size, the opportunity to showcase the goods and services that they are able to offer to a wider range of customers than currently possible through any other commercial vehicle. This was crucial to the work of Pillar 5 of the UK Government’s strategy for scaling up of testing programmes. The availability through a framework of a wide and diverse range of diagnostic suppliers will improve competition, increase value for money and bolster the diagnostic capacity of the UK. Lot 1 – Diagnostic Goods and Services, which AB Molecular has been awarded, is for the supply of in vitro diagnostic medical devices and associated services including equipment, consumables, maintenance, and peripheral equipment and associated services.

All equipment and/or in-vitro diagnostic systems offered by AB Molecular, including the ePlex system from GenMark, and reagents and consumables fully comply with the relevant European medical, electrical, mechanical standards and directives for the identification of infectious diseases; microbial identification, characterisation and classification; and measuring of clinical samples for blood stream infections and syndromic respiratory testing.

AB Molecular is honoured to work with PHE on their continued effort in supporting the UK laboratory system in clinical microbiology.

Press Contact:                   Christopher Rawlinson, Group Sales Manager

Phone:                                +44 (0)7882 505 647


About ePlex

The ePlex® technology offers rapid pathogen detection alongside flexibility and ease of use to facilitate both laboratory and point of care applications. Currently available are the most comprehensive respiratory pathogen and blood culture ID panels of their kind, with new and exciting developments in the pipeline.

About the National Microbiology Framework

  • Non- exclusivity – Award onto the National Microbiology Framework is not exclusive to any organisation.
  • Non-Endorsement: Award onto the Framework, does not mean that PHE and/or DHSC endorses or recommends any goods or services offered by any Framework Supplier. As a central government public body, PHE is unable to give such endorsement or recommendation for commercial purposes
  • Framework Scope – The National Microbiology Framework is divided into the following four lots:
    • Lot 1 – Diagnostics Goods and Services
    • Lot 2 – Research and Development Goods and Services
    • Lot 3 – Manufacturing, Product Development and Commercialisation
    • Lot 4 – Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Services
  • Framework Term – The initial term of the Agreement is for two (2) years from the commencement Date; with options to extend by up to a further 2 years.
  • Framework Access – The framework is open to all UK Public Sector bodies including Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health Wales, Public Health Scotland, NHS Authorities and Trusts, Special Health Authorities, Local Authorities and any other NHS entity or successor body. The framework can also be accessed by academic and charitable institutions.
  • The Framework Call-Off Process – The Framework allows participating authorities to issue call-offs (individual contracts) via the direct award or mini-competition route in order to procure goods and services in line with the Public Contracts Regulations (PCR) 2015

Further details on the Framework can be found at

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